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Acquired knowledge and experience allow us to provide our clients a comprehensive legal counseling and support, particularly in the following practice areas:


Corporate law and transactions are a vital element of the modern commercial world. Our corporate lawyers provide our clients with legal and business expertise needed to successfully manage their companies. We provide practical, creative and innovative legal counsel on a wide range of corporate transactions important to companies in today's global marketplace, while assisting our clients in complying with regulatory, statutory and other legal provisions for successful business organizations.


We advise our clients in the early stages of forming business entities, assisting them in defining the rights and relationships between owners, shareholders, management and supervisory bodies.

In later stages of the business life cycle we assist our clients in negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements of all types (Sale and Purchase, Private Equity, Franchise, Distribution, Advertising, etc.), provide guidance for compliance with international trade, customs, controls and other regulatory requirements. Nonetheless, we also take into consideration and implement exit strategies, handle succession matters and support our clients on variety of legal and business challenges they are confronted on daily basis. Our main goal is to deliver quick, responsive and quality representation, practical, creative and pragmatic solutions based on in-depth knowledge and experience in a broad range of industries.

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Our practice and experience in many industries and sectors enables us to provide our clients integral legal advice and innovative approach on national and cross border mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, strategic alliances, restructuring, divestitures, MBOs, LBOs and other complex situations by dealing with all legal and business aspects associated with these types of transactions (corporate, tax, antitrust, labor and employment, administrative, etc.).

We are dedicated to achieving our clients' business objectives by developing and optimizing transactions structures, managing and coordinating the negotiation strategies and tactics, drafting and

revising necessary transaction documents (Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Share Purchase Agreement, etc.), conducting legal due diligence and implementing the findings of the legal due diligence report into transaction documents, creating the appropriate material and procedural solutions in accordance with relevant regulation, closing transactions and advising our clients in their post closing operations.


Our legal experts provide results-oriented, effective and innovative advice to achieve successful solutions at any M&A case our clients face.

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Recent changes in competitive domestic and global economies have caused a turmoil of situations involving financially troubled companies. But the fact remains that not every financially troubled company needs bankruptcy procedure. Also not every insolvent company needs to close its doors.


Experience and extensive knowledge in insolvency related matters enables our team of lawyers to advise the managements of distressed companies how to navigate out of the crisis at early stages. We provide creative and innovative business solutions tailored to the needs of each client in order to reorganize, redefine their objectives, shed excess assets and/or acquire core businesses.

We represent investors, creditors, lenders and equity holders in out-of-court restructuring transactions, debt to equity swaps and distressed asset sales and purchases, as well as bankruptcy proceedings where our actions focus on enforcement of creditor's rights and other necessary legal actions.


Furthermore, we offer legal advice on credit and derivatives related issues, structured finance and other financial instruments, as well as other potential insolvency-related issues.


Negotiating the right deal can be a career defining moment. Commonly there is a range of key considerations a client needs to bear in mind when setting the objectives for a particular deal or contract.

Our lawyers help initiate, structure and finalize contracts, deals and agreements of all types, handle negotiations for clients in order to achieve their business expectations, while safeguarding their rights and interests.

real estate

Broad backgrounds and wealth of experience in real estate and development matters enables us to apply our expertise to the complete range of real estate transactions and projects, including sale and purchase, exchange and mortgage, financing and leasing, loan syndications, construction and development, joint ventures and much more.

As real estate projects and transactions very often include other fields of law, our team of lawyers effectively combines its expertise with skills and experience in other practise areas, including construction, corporate, securities, partnership, tax and bankruptcy. Comprehensive knowledge of complex real estate practice and interdisciplinary approach allows us to assist our clients and offer them single source of advice on a wide variety of real estate related matters.


Digitalization and other new emerging technologies demand creative approach in safeguarding valuable intellectual property assets. Our team's experience and capabilities in the field of intellectual property help our clients not only to establish and develop IP rights (from copyright and related rights to trademarks, company names, domain names, designs, know-how, goodwill, trade secrets and patents), but also to maximize their investments in intellectual property assets and to manage and protect their IP rights. We specialize in designing IP protection strategies, represent clients in contract negotiations regarding IP rights establishment or transfers (selling or licensing), form expert opinions or evaluating as well as enforce and defend IP claims in litigation before the courts and domestic and international IP offices.

In addition, our team offers support to clients in identifying and protecting the value of IP rights in M&A transactions through customized due diligence investigations and the correct structuring of transactions.


We also assist clients with their handling of personal data and ensure that no security measure is overlooked. Our team creates strategies and helps with implementing procedures for handling of personal data and creates assessments of potential breaches of such procedures. We make sure the protection of personal data in the company's IT systems is compliant with the statutory requirements and handle diverse personal data claims before the competent public authority.


Competition in wide range of industries is growing stronger every day. Using our knowledge and industry experience we can counsel our clients on avoiding antitrust and competition problems before they arise.

With collaborative and solution-oriented approach we can determine possible antitrust, competition and trade regulation issues, develop the most suitable strategy to address such potential concerns and also represent our clients before antitrust enforcement authorities and in civil and criminal litigation.

employment law

Employment, labor and social benefits consist of complex legal and regulatory issues that are challenging for every business, especially in cases of cross border and multinational operations. Understanding how our clients' businesses operate gives us valuable experience in devising solutions to employment problems that effect efficiency and productivity of employees.


We help both employers and employees and provide them with comprehensive advice and representation in diverse areas of employment and pension law, ranging from structuring and carrying out large and small scale reorganisation and workforce reduction processes to assisting employment relationship parties in governing their basic rights and duties.

We do our best to anticipate and avoid problems through employment counseling and management training, but also resolve disputes and represent the parties in single- and multi-plaintiff litigation, complex employment and employee benefits litigation as well as at collective bargaining issues. Our experienced practitioners place extra effort into carrying out their assignments in a practical and solution-oriented manner.

civil law

Our law firm focuses on providing quality representation on several areas of civil law. The experience, skills and resources of a big law firm and the warmth and closeness of a small firm enables us to offer confidential full-service legal support and solutions on a large variety

of civil law matters, including reviewing and drafting numerous contracts, handling civil and commercial lawsuits and other claims involving damage, insurance, property, professional liability and malpractice, product liability, medical malpractice and other.


Often highly complex tax matters demand practical, pragmatic and efficient solutions. Our result-oriented approach provides our clients legal advice and assistance at on-going tax controversy and litigation

matters, resolving special tax issues of troubled and insolvent businesses, structuring complex domestic and cross-border deals as well as large array of other tax related matters.


Public procurement sector is legally, commercially and politically very complex. That is why its participants need extensive in-depth business and legal support from lawyers with commercial and market knowledge, regulatory experience and project management skills. Our lawyers' backgrounds and experience in advising clients

in many sectors, including energy, finance, construction, telecommunications, transport, education and media, enables us to support our clients in all aspects and stages of public and project procurement, but also to anticipate issues that may arise during such processes and to find suitable solutions.


Successfully managing and mitigating risk is one of the key challenges not only for companies operating in diverse industries and changing environment, but also for individuals. Our team of highly experienced individual works closely with our clients to identify potential legal exposure, form strategies to manage risk and, where appropriate, resolve any possible disputes out of trial through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

If it comes to trial our lawyers have years of experience representing clients in regulatory and criminal investigations, arbitration tribunals and courts at all levels. Having experience and in-depth knowledge in commercial, corporate and civil litigation, professional liability, product liability, industries like energy, finance, insurance, media, manufacture, transport, logistics, municipalities and real estate gives us a competitive edge and enables us to handle the most complex and challenging matters approaching every case with intensity, thoroughness and in pursuit of our clients' best interests.

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